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Easily complete your real estate to-do list by navigating through our vast databases and online resources. Terrakan offers a wide variety of services under one roof to save you time, and more importantly money!


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Whether you are a novice home flipper or a seasoned developer,
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Pick and choose exactly what you’re searching for any multi-family properties, everything from construction type to purchase price. Both multi and single family property reports provide critical details of properties needed before making important decisions.

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You can invest your money, according to your goals, in a portfolio filled with dozens of real estate projects - each one carefully handpicked and proactively developed with the goal of growing your net worth.

  • General Property Information
  • Building Information
  • Neighborhood Information
  • Development Risk
  • Project Profitability Score
  • Risk Factor Score
  • Marketability Score
  • Buildable Area
  • Max FAR / Max No. Unit
  • Development Budget
  • Capitalization Rate
  • Apartments Analysis
  • Condominiums Analysis

Property Information

Our comprehensive property database contains essential information for millions of single and multi-family units. Terrakan is the most powerful real estate data evaluation and analysis app, currently serving Los Angeles.

Our Services

Terrakan offers a variety of services that help overcome all of the roadblocks while undertaking a real estate development project.


Search and Discover

Our extensive search feature allows users to find exactly what they're looking for, or browse properties based on the area.


Comprehensive Report System

Want to know more about a specific property? Terrakan reports contain difficult to find details gathered from public and private databases.


Property Marketplace

Want to list or find more information about your property? Terrakan's marketplace streamlines the buying and selling process.


Educational Resources

Learn about the vast business that is property development. Our free online resources provides easy to follow guides and tutorials to help you get caught up to speed.


Investment Strategies

Utilizing Terrakan's extensive database allows for better decisions. Put your best foot forward in creating the best strategy for your next project.


Look for your Next Team Member

Whether you’re looking for your next architect or mortgage broker, Terrakan offers listings of available candidates based on your team’s needs.

A full service real estate hub at your fingertips

Terrakan represents the solution to the lack of a centralized online website in regards to real estate development. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive property development service.

In-depth Property Data

Comprehensive property reports tailored specifically for real estate developers and homeowners interested in developing.


Streamline your Property Search

Skip the realtor and use Terrakan to search directly for a specific property or multiple properties tailored to your specifications.


Innovating For The Future

With the number of property permits on the rise, updated strategies will be needed to keep up with the changing market. Terrakan offers new services to help real estate investors and developers adapt and thrive.


Budget Forecasting

Predict future pitfalls by assessing the potential costs, risks, and benefits through Terrakan’s property reports.


Supporting Investors

Real Estate investors are our top priority, as our services caters to making the best investment possible.


Encouraging the Next Generation of Real Estate Developers

Terrakan believes in passing down knowledge to the next generation. That’s why we provide educational resources to those looking to become the next big real estate developer.


Tired of wasting time searching for information?

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Our Clients Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the positive impact of Terrakan services had on our users.

John W.

Realtor, Rochester Equity

Sometimes my clients ask me to research every properties in a neighborhood to find one that exactly fits their need. Now, I jsut tell them to research properties on Terrakan first.

James Anderson


Terrakan has been a huge revolution, empowering to me to learn more about a property’s potential in seconds, Because of Terrakan, I’ve been able to save lots of time and effort.

Frank L.


What has ordinarily been a manual process has gotten much easier with Terrakan. They are my first stop when developers retain me to conduct feasbilities studies.

David G.

Land Use Specialist

An architect must always try and balance efficent design and creativity with our duty to help maximize densisty and profits for our clients. Terrakan"s reports provide the vital information needed.

Matt K.


Frequently, clients will reach out to me when they’ve been offered a buy-out from a real estate developer. Terrakan makes it easy for me to identify the value of client properties.

Lauren C.

Property Owner

Finally, I don’t need to call and bother the architect with expensive fees for figuring out my property development potential. Terrakan is helping me amazingly to do initial research without any costs and delays.

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